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We value self discipline and do not believe in policing. We repose a lot of trust and faith in students. A detailed code of conduct, which needs to be signed and adhered to by every student, gives the student advance notice to abstain form misconducts. Therefore violations of the instructions/ code of conduct and / or any behavior unbecoming of an Prakruthi College of Pharmacy student (inside or outside campus) shall invite strict disciplinary action. Damage to equipment and fixtures, absence from guest sessions, workshops and /or outward bound, violation of lights off rules, missing or resources including books from the library, will attract heavy fines-individual and /or collective besides disciplinary actions.

It is compulsory for students to stay in campus, unless permitted. Mess will be vegetarian. Cafeteria will be vegetarian. Cafeteria will have egg preparations as well. Smoking, drinking and drugs are prohibited . Possession of cigarettes, liquor and drugs and entry to the campus after consumption of liquor and drugs are strictly prohibited. Entry of girls to boys hostel and boys to girls hostel is strictly prohibited.

Keeping the rooms, corridors, toilets, bathrooms and the campus premises clean is the responsibility of the students. Automobile vehicles two wheeler, three wheeler, or four wheeler automobiles are not allowed in the campus not parking allowed inside or outside the campus. Therefore automobiles should not be brought. This measure is to avoid wasteful expense on fuel pollution, time wastage and to promote healthy habits. Campus gates will be closed at 10.00 PM. And night out is permitted only once a month, that too with the written application from the parents only. 12.00 midnight to 5.30 AM. Will be light off period for students to sleep .The strict discipline is for development of habits and attitudes essential for excellence and to manage time for purposeful academic pursuits and positive health physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to be a leader; who should walk and talk and inspire self and others. One cannot be a leader unless one practices what one wants others to practice.


This will be effected in the following cases:

  1. Stealing or indulging in malpractices in exams/ tests.
  2. Sexual misconduct inside or outside the campus.
  3. Intoxication / found inside the campus after consumption of liquor, drugs, cigarettes etc. inside the campus.
  4. Willful damage to campus property.
  5. Violence against anyone.
  6. Attendance in academics and / or co-curriculars if less than 80% in any year, whatsoever may be the reasons.
  7. If a student continues to indulge in misconduct even after two cautions/ warnings.


PCP is an activities centered, drill driven, self learning center. Intellectual inputs are more than any conventional pharmacy programme. Participation in co-curricular activities is a must. No exemption is allowed on any ground as all processes are integral part of the B. Pharmacy programme. Dishonesty, cheating, unholy behavior and character contrary to the vision, mission, values, principles and objectives of the institute, no-participation in co-curricular, refusal to do field assignments or failure to keep up the minimum stipulated attendance etc. will lead to termination of studentship, if counseling, caution and correctives do not yield results. Termination can happen in any year parental/ external pressure seeking favorable considerations/ concessions and making allegations without verifying facts will be considered as unholy and unfair behavior on the part of students and are not acceptable.

Students who do not clear the first year even after two attempts will not be promoted to the Third year. They cannot be given hostel accommodation as well. They also cannot be given hostel accommodation when they come to write the last chance exam.

Students have absolute freedom to express their talents, ask for help to overcome weakness, assert, debate and disagree, for improvement of the systems and learning opportunities. But exemptions form processes are not possible.

PCP is a learning organization continuously striving to excel. Naturally we keep changing for the good. It may appear to be ad hoc. It is not so. Therefore come prepared to face challenges of changing fast. Periodic open house sessions are held with the director and staff for direct interaction with students to solve problems. Open door policy provides students easy access to the director to express their grievances if any, seek guidance of help and also to offer suggestions for improvements. Mobile number of the director are made available to students for prompt and direct communication case any students is in distress

Institute will not be responsible or liable in case of any injury or hurt to any student by accident or otherwise while at the institute and/ or engaged in any academic or co-curricular learning activities/ training.

We aspire to make our students physically healthy, intellectually sharp, emotionally equanimous, socially tolerant and friendly and professionally competent and creative so that they stand out. But one has to work hard for it. If unwilling, he/ she will feel forced to work hard by the system. Therefore, be prepared for many unconventional experiences and approaches at PCP. For admission a detailed code of conduct and hostel rules need to be undertaken by the student countersigned by parents. All rules to be adhered to strictly because institutions are built on principles and for collective and individual good. What is required to done should not be confused with what is liked.


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