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1. Vision & Mission
... education in the field of pharmacy embedded to human value. Mission Our mission is to provide the budding pharmacist with the required skills & knowledge by fostering creative activity ...
2. Academics
... distribution of results, preparation of merit list, etc. Students are assisted in getting scholarships, bus / railways / air concessions. Any documents or certificates required by the students are issued ...
... by parents. All rules to be adhered to strictly because institutions are built on principles and for collective and individual good. What is required to done should not be confused with what is liked. ...
4. Admission Procedure
... must complete their admission by paying the fee latest by the cut off date. For admission candidates must come personally to the PCP campus and sign the required documents. For admission, candidates ...
5. Library and Information Center
Library College library is endowed with large number of titles and volumes of reference books, textbooks and handbooks required for teaching and learning activities. Besides Recommended Text Books, there ...
6. Career Opportunities
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... professionals are required are in production of veterinary medicine, perfumery, fragrances, nutraceuticals. Research & Development:This forms the heart of any industry, as it is the key to growth ...

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