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1. Activities at Prakruthi
... creative, socially active & a complete Modern Pharmacist. MINI SEMINARS Students will be exposed to professionals from different organizations with years of diverse experience and expertise. ...
2. Vision & Mission
Vision Our's is an institute which encourages & endorses the adventure of mind of the pharmacist to understand, explain, discuss and disclose in response to situations of professional ...
... emotionally equanimous, socially tolerant and friendly and professionally competent and creative so that they stand out. But one has to work hard for it. If unwilling, he/ she will feel forced to work ...
4. Co-Curricular Activities
... College of Pharmacy has started the following co-curricular activities to enhance students professional capability and calibration when they expose to outer world: Basic soft skills e.g Computer Skills ...
5. Pharmacy - an Introduction
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... its discovery, development, action, safety, formulation, use, quality control, packaging, storage, marketing, etc. Thus, today''s pharmacy professional is a ''drug expert'' in the real sense. The profession ...
6. Career Opportunities
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... excellent. The various vocations a pharmacy professional can opt, for, are discussed below: Production & Manufacturing: A pharmacy professional can work as a production person (chemist, officer, ...
7. Opportunities Abroad
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Golden opportunities galore for qualified Pharmacy professionals in various courtiers including the U.S.A., Canada, European Countries like U.K., France, Germany, African Countries like S. Africa, Nigeria, ...

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