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1. Activities at Prakruthi
STUDENTS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (UNIQUE GROOMING PROCESSES AT PCP) A healthy brain dwells in a healthy body. Books and academic performance cannot develop alone a spiritually sound, competitive, creative ...
2. Academics
Academic Vigilance A Separate office of the Academic coordinator, headed by a senior faculty member, looks after the academic activities with the assistance of two staff members. The periodic meetings ...
3. Campus View
... teaching-learning process. Faculty   The institute has well experienced and highly qualified faculty in all disciplines. It strives for the enhancement of academic performance of the students. ...
4. Course Details - D.Pharm
... and practical and an external assessment to 80 in theory and practical. A total of 100. Internal Assessment: There shall be at least three periodic session examinations during each academic year. ...
... development of habits and attitudes essential for excellence and to manage time for purposeful academic pursuits and positive health physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to be a leader; who should ...
6. Co-Curricular Activities
Cultural Activities: Prakruthi College of Pharmacy lays equal importance in honing the extra curricular activities as academics. The students are encouraged to train themselves in various talents. ...
7. Career Opportunities
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... of self-diagnostic kits by the patients for disorders like diabetes, hypertension etc. Providing supply of Home care dosage forms. Academics: Excellent opportunities for the professionals are available ...

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