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... Cafeteria will be vegetarian. Cafeteria will have egg preparations as well. Smoking, drinking and drugs are prohibited . Possession of cigarettes, liquor and drugs and entry to the campus after consumption ...
2. Pharmacy - an Introduction
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From ancient times Pharmacy is known as a branch associated with healthcare services. The word Pharmacy has been derived from the Greek word "pharmakon", meaning drug. Today, the discipline of Pharmacy ...
3. Career Opportunities
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... executive, manager, vice-president), involved in the production of bulk drug & intermediates or formulations and dosage forms. Industries in the cosmetics, soaps, toiletries segment also hire ...
4. Opportunities Abroad
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... abroad are highly exciting, job profiles in African Countries like, and Nigeria, Yemen & Gulf Countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait mainly as pharmacists in drug stores and hospitals. In developed ...

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